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Head coach
Ian Sidaway
Black Belt 2nd Dan
UK Club Coach Level 2
Mob no: 07935 498518

Catriona Barber
Black Belt 1st Dan
UK Club Coach Level 1
Mob no: 07594 922614

Kevin Day
Brown Belt 1st Kyu
UK Club Coach Level 1
Mob no: 07970 965547

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  1. Hi
    I had the pleasure of referring a visually impaired player (Simon) at the Goole Championship on the 31st March, I just wanted to say how well he did and what a delight it was to see him win the gold medal and i hope he felt we looked after him, I’ve recently moved up to yorkshire (oct 2016) and i also run several clubs in the area , Knaresborough jc , AFC harrogate to name a couple. I have decided to get more involved in the area as far as refereeing is concerned and hopefully get to see many more players from your club. Thank you
    Dave Dunsford

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